Nothing came out of that meeting

Nothing came out of that meeting

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Cheap Jerseys china Brown has said the garage could close May 6 if there’s no agreement.The Water Street Parking Garage Condominium Association met Tuesday morning to discuss problems threatening the parking deck’s future.Nothing came out of that meeting, and gates could still lock up by the weekend.The Charlottesville City Council took up the issue during an executive session Monday night, but councilors are not commenting about how they’ll move forward.Monthly pass customers paid between $120 $135 at the start of the month, and some are upset they could be denied parking.”I don’t know where I’m going to park. If this closes in three days and I’ve already paid for the month, I mean this is deducted out of my check every month with my employer and there’s really no other available parking,” said Tiffany Margerum.Brown told the city members of the governing board that his employees will stop working on May 6 if they can’t work out a budget that includes new parking rates.So for right now wholesale nfl jerseys, anyone that parks in the Water Street Parking Garage should plan ahead, because there is a real possibility it will be inaccessible Friday.Statement from the City of Charlottesville:The City is disappointed that Charlottesville Parking Center has threatened to close the Water Street Parking Garage, rather than to honor its management contract with the owners of the garage.For the past 40 years the City and CPC have worked collaboratively to ensure the economic vitality of downtown, by providing affordable parking.The City remains committed to that goal and has worked, and will continue to work, to ensure that the Water Street Parking Garage remains open for business. Parking Garage Proposals to CharlottesvilleCPC Offers New Water St Cheap Jerseys china.