O rebellious poet

### Asif Khan Rana ###

O rebellious poet

### Asif Khan Rana ###

B + blood will take place.

For the operation of my elder brother, tomorrow, at any time, in Panthapath’s Gastroliar Hospital, two bags of B + blood will be required. Next operation. Be sure to remove all stuffin’ and remember there is a side pocket. Unzip it, and slide your hand inside, to straighten. Then insert a full size wallet vertically into bag, it falls in horizontal.

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– Slippers
– Water jug ​​

The 15 finalists selected these items one by one. * Do not choose duplicate. * Who choose first?

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### Asif Khan Rana ###

You join the gang of blood of Robe Mora,
How do you stop seeing your rebellion?
I am awake, for the dawn,
The evidence that you did; How much more you are.
You are calm, you are upset, you are the peak of the hill,
You are the beauty of the barber’s razor against the tyrant.
You are a sad song of sadness, sorry for everyone, women and men, rich and begging You are not afraid to give honor. Fake Handbags

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