On the 17th April it’s “National Cheeseball Day”

On the 17th April it’s “National Cheeseball Day”

You might think you stepped onto a set for Mad Men. Funky Find is filled with mid century modern suave urbanity. Jazz provides the soundtrack. Any idea what today is? Well I hadn’t until I decided to do a search on the internet. Apparently it’s “Rubber Erasure Day”! Never heard of it? Me neither. On the 17th April it’s “National Cheeseball Day”, and I’d not heard of that day either.

Last year we decided that we would focus on funny photos. Each member of the family was allocated someone else to take the funniest picture of, so all through the year the family were carrying cameras and trying to take other family members by surprise in humorous situations. This caused many of the family members to be ‘set up ‘ in a ‘you’ve been framed’ moment during various family gatherings however, because we were all so suspicious these funny ‘you’ve been framed moments didn’t really happen..

Anis Amri is being sought in Monday’s truck attack, which left 12 people dead and 48 injured at Breitsheidplatz Canada Goose Outlet, a wanted notice issued Wednesday by the German federal prosecutor’s office said. Amri is 1.78 meters (5 feet 10 inches) tall and weighs about 75 kilograms (165 pounds). The suspect was arrested in August with forged documents en route to Italy, but a judge released him Canada Goose, an official says.

All these bizarre and obscure comparisons between Jesus’ birthday and a lacrosse tournament and I haven’t even mentioned a word of lacrosse yet. I think there’s a reason for that. To me it’s something a little grander than just the games we play. Ice is a critical item to most, if not all to the National Institutes of Health, NIH research community, read the solicitation for dry ice services, which said NIH used almost boxes of crushed pellets and 1,200 boxes of block slabs in 2015. Ice is utilized internally at NIH for a myriad of applications. Those applications include the preservation and storage of tissue cell cultures Cheap Canada Goose, transporting various samples https://www.geeseparka.com, cold temperature stabilization, research preservation purposes, as well as back up in the event of a power outage affecting refrigerated and/or frozen items.

It’s shiny and makes your dog feel that you love them too. So this is so special why would it bother you. You show them off to all of your friends. With so many different types of Christmas lights available you can really have fun with them, creating just the right look. There are battery lights available for places where there are no plug sockets and there are plenty of curtain lights too. Make sure you spend a few hours decorating the house with fairy lights each year and you won’t regret it..

Non profits utilize volunteers in many areas beyond direct service; for example, grant writing, clerical, human resources, bookkeeping, research, marketing, public relations and much more. Non profits come in many different flavors. I guarantee there is one that can use your skills and help you gain new ones.

I don know why I love Christmas shopping so much. Apparently some people find it stressful! Can you imagine am working on a proposal to develop a strategic plan. Do you know what that means Me Canada Goose Sale, neither. I backed the tags with scraps from French Country and added some small cut a part geeseparka.com, as well as a couple of mason jar die cuts decorated with my favorite French Country border, the rooster, and chickens.Stock the Pantry Party InvitationsFor the invitations, I die cut some mason jars and adhered them, just at the top, to 3.25″ x 5″ rectangles of design paper. Then I punched two holes and tied a cute little bow around the neck of the jar. Delight your guests with a really great jam as a party favor; even better, gift small jars of homemade jam