” On the one hand, honestly, I’m a little weary of fragrance

” On the one hand, honestly, I’m a little weary of fragrance

Stilettos on Lex is one of three fragrances offered by new niche line Jul et Mad and the first episode in the collection’s “Histoire d’Amour.” On the one hand, honestly, I’m a little weary of fragrance collections with destination themes and love story themes. On the other hand, Jul et Mad describes Stilettos on Lex this way:”A haunting, captivating perfume Its powerful yet refined personality enchants the lovers of timeless floral fragrances with a powdery touch. Nothing and no one can resist it, by day or by night. This enveloping perfume is a real ‘sducteur,’ pure reflection of the beautiful and mysterious silhouette encountered on this legendary New York City avenue.””Lovers of timeless floral fragrances with a powdery touch”? That would be me. A New York reference never hurts, either.

Replica Hermes Birkin KK’s (Kimaal’s) Catering Menu
Seasons Greetings
Friday 15th December, 2017

♨Entree’ SM LG
✅Baked Chicken (Leg) $8 $12 https://www.cheapbeltr.com
✅Curry Mutton – $15
✅Stew Oxtail – $15
✅Stew Pork $9 $13
✅Conch (Butter Sauce) – $14

✅Salt Fish – $14
W/(Coconut Dumpling, Sweet Potato,Banana)

♨Served With Either:
✅Rice & Peas
✅White Rice
✅Potato Salad
✅Macaroni Pie
✅Fried Plantain
✅Mixed Vegetables
✅Corn on the Cob

** 2 Side per SM Meal
** 3 Side per LG Meal
** 1 Additional Side $
✅Water, Sodas $✅Juice/s $✅Passion Fruit Juice
✅Tarmarin Juice

To Place an Order: Call, SMS or WhatsApp: 341-
**From December 19th 2017 KK’s Catering will be closed and re-open January 10th
We Thank You Dearly for Your Continuous Support! Have a Merry Christmasand A Happy New Year!

** We are located in Road Town across from Latitude 18, Admin Drive by the Traffic
Open Daily: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11:00am. Replica Hermes Birkin

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Model call is February 12th From 6pm-9pm at The Holiday Inn New York City-Midtown-57th

Ladies Requirements:
-5’8 and up size 0-4
– Black Attire
– Bring Heels ONLY to walk in
– Hair pulled back
– Light Make Up
– Portfolio Book / Comp Card or
you can bring a 8×10 picture to
Males Requirements:
-5’11 and up
– All Black fitted Attire
– Portfolio Book / Comp Card or
a 8×10 picture to
Fashion Show will be Feb 13th at The Holiday Inn New York City-Midtown-57th
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Replica Hermes Belts Although I more typically wear floral fragrances (especially nostalgic, slightly powdery florals), I also love the “real life” smells of things like antique wood and worn out leather jackets and whiskey, not to mention real patchouli (as opposed to the clean scrubbed “patchouli” listed in so many mainstream fragrances). For that reason, I’ve enjoyed testing Christopher Street, and I can recommend it to anyone who regularly wears similar notes. Although it’s promoted as a non gendered fragrance, it feels traditionally “masculine” to me; of course, if you’re a woman who enjoys wearing dry, woody leathery fragrances, you’ll love this one. It starts off strong and it softens a bit over time; it also happens to have excellent staying power on skin. Replica Hermes Belts

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