On top of the luxury lipstick Bamila also installed a small

On top of the luxury lipstick Bamila also installed a small

Non-Behavioral Campaign….. Change Results
My love in God my brothers
My sisters Virtues
Non behavior… Change results
We all know that different results are born from the womb of different behaviors
So I invite you all to actively participate in a campaign of non-behavior…

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O Allah, send prayers upon our master Muhammad, a prayer that teaches me the minutes of the secrets of the truths, and reveal to me all that is deep and sincere, and on His family and companions.

O Allah, Pray to our Master Muhammad, the prayer of our graduation from the darkness of ignorance, and let us to the lights of science and his family and companions

O Allah, send prayers upon our master Muhammad, prayers and prayers upon us in the seas of secrets, for usOf the knowledge of the science of the Almighty and his family and companions

O Allah, bless our Lord Muhammad, a prayer that brings me the knowledge of your great name, and make me a guardian of the Lord of the Sacred, to be the most generous, in this world and the hereafter with your goodness and generosity O world of the unseen and the witness, And on his family and companions.

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