Put bluntly, it is a matter of defying modesty, gravity,

Put bluntly, it is a matter of defying modesty, gravity,

Its the
Dream Speed Weekend Ferry Schedule between Tortola &
Saturday 4/8
9:45am Depart Road Town, Tortola to West End Tortola
10:15am Depart West End Tortola to Charlotte Amalie STT
12:45pm Depart Charlotte Amalie STT to West End and Road Town Tortola
2:00pm Depart Road Town, Tortola to West End Tortola
2:30pm Depart West End Tortola to Charlotte Amalie STT
3:30pm Depart Charlotte Amalie STT to West End and Road Town Tortola

Sunday 4/9
11:35am Depart Road Town, Tortola to West End Tortola
12:15pm Depart West End Tortola to Charlotte Amalie STT
2:15pm Depart Charlotte Amalie STT to West End and Road Town Tortola

Tickets can be purchased at the Smith’s Ferry Services Counter

We hope to see you on board!!!!

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