Sellers can pay for the authentication service to win the

Sellers can pay for the authentication service to win the

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It is from the river of liquid, and the oppression of the orphan, and from lies and envy. Mawmah
and other sins of heart and hearts
and those who follow the passion and abandon piety and tendency to the decorations of the world
and from all that God hates outwardly and inwardly – ask forgiveness of God Almighty who has no god but the living and the Almighty and repent to Him
From every sin that removes my mercy from me, or removes my vengeance from me, or deprives me of your dignity, or removes your kindness from me. And out of every sin, he shall inherit evil and evil, and commit adultery and affliction, and on the Day of Judgment shall be sorrow and regret.

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Hope everyone will understand us. Thank you.

Perhaps you have not always been genuine..

O Allah, do not deprive me and I invite you… Do not disappoint me and I please

Oh God, I ask you Farg, O O God, I ask you, O Lord of the World, O mercy of the world, O mercy of the world, O mercy of the world. What I gave and what I delayed, and what I was pleased and what you announced, and you are the presenter and you are late.

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