Something to define a generation like Coco Mademoiselle

Something to define a generation like Coco Mademoiselle

Across3. Mother of Hermes5. How Apollo felt when he saw the tracks going into the field but not out6. Hermes’ Roman name8. One gift with wings that Zeus gave to Hermes11. The musical instrument that Apollo received in exchange for cows and a magic wand12. Father of HermesDown1. The animals that Hermes stole from Apollo2. The messenger of the gods4. The monster bored to death by Hermes7. Another gift with wings that Zeus gave to Hermes9. The god of music10. What the gods threw toward Hermes if they thought he was innocent of a crimeWord BankApollo hat MercuryArgus Hermes pebblesconfused lyre sandalscows Maia Zeus

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