Surprisingly, even today, Gucci and Rome still are the fashion

Surprisingly, even today, Gucci and Rome still are the fashion

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SPIL Half Ma race, I was fortunate enough to boss, but also my first time to accept the award, very grateful. The long row of windmills, the gray-blue coastline, and the Gumi wetlands, which in my opinion are a pile of mud XD. Running for so many years, the path of the asphalt road is always never pitched, long, straight, very monotonous.

Added with more historical and poetic element, the tote is more like a postcard passing through time and space to bring you back to the good old days. The pattern is all about the ancient Milan street scenery: it perfectly captures the beautiful view of the Spanish square in Rome, including the Gucci Via Condotti boutique, which vividly tells the keen relationship between Gucci and Rome. Surprisingly, even today, Gucci and Rome still are the fashion leader.

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