Takata plans to begin bankruptcy proceedings in both the United

Takata plans to begin bankruptcy proceedings in both the United

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replica hermes birkin FILE PHOTO: The logo of Takata Corp is seen on its display at a showroom for vehicles in Tokyo, Japan, February 9, 2017. Chapter 11 bankruptcy, said the sources, one of whom has direct knowledge of the matter and one who was briefed on the process.Takata spokesman Toyohiro Hishikawa said nothing had been decided regarding any filing or financing.Shares in Takata changed hands for the first time since sources said last week that the struggling airbag maker was preparing to file for bankruptcy.By mid afternoon shares had more than halved in value to 116 yen, eroding Takata market capitalization by about 75 percent from a week ago to nearly $86 million now.Takata would stop making air bag inflators after completing a global recall as part of the restructuring plan with Key, separate sources said.Takata plans to begin bankruptcy proceedings in both the United States and Japan, sources have said. Such moves would culminate a long, tumultuous fall for the family controlled company that grew to become a global supplier to most of the world major automakers. replica hermes birkin

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