Tears, vomit and blood coalesced around my throat in a macabre

Tears, vomit and blood coalesced around my throat in a macabre

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canada goose replica They say the camera never lies, but it can deceive. Local photography buff David England took these photos, with the main one showing an eerie apparition at Mutual Mills lodge off Aspinall Street.The mysterious ghostly image appears to be an elderly bearded man carrying a staff, if you look in the ringed area.It was captured by amateur photographer and Heywood Advertiser reader David while out and about looking for interesting subjects.David was taking a photo of a Canada goose and was amazed to spot the eerie figure in the rippling water to the left.He said: “I took the photo of the Canadian goose just for the reflection, which came out pretty well.”When looking at the image on computer I couldn’t help but notice the eerie image in the top left hand corner just above the tail of the goose. It appears to be a bearded man holding a staff in his right hand.”David believes the image is the result of the reflected light plus the ripple effect on the water surface.He insists he has not altered the photograph in any way canada goose replica.