That career went nowhere, but his wife encouraged him to enter

That career went nowhere, but his wife encouraged him to enter

If you collect perfumes just for their bottles, and you loved the gold and pink floral design for Anna Sui Romantica, you’re in luck: this month brings a newfragrance from the brand, called Romantica Exotica, and its bottle is a turquoise version of the same design (see below). Romantica Exotica was inspired by Sui’s travels to Tahiti, and its composition (developed by Jrme Epinette) includes notes of lemon, grapefruit, black currant, jasmine, lotus, neroli, sandalwood, gardenia and cottonwood.

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Prostheses RN211): 180 days
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• Urgency 24 hours;
• Cleaning, prophylaxis and fluoride application; • Panoramic and periapical X-rays; • Gum treatment;
• Treatment for children; • Treatment of canal;
• Restorations – fillings (resin or amalgam);
• Surgeries – extractions (including wisdom teeth);
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• Devoid of tooth whitening

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