The 6 southpaw Sanders really dominated Wladmir in that fight

The 6 southpaw Sanders really dominated Wladmir in that fight

Wladimir Klitschko, who was knocked out in the 2nd round by Corrie Sanders in 2003, credited Sanders with improving his game and changing him permanently for the better after the loss to him . Wladimir said to AP [the loss] made me tougher and it made me better. Without my experience with Corrie, I wouldn be the same way. Before and after the Corrie Sanders fight, nobody beat me the way he did. true. The 6 southpaw Sanders really dominated Wladmir in that fight, knocking him down three times before the fight was finally halted in the 2nd round. Wladimir wasn prepared for Sander quick hands and his ability to shift into punching distance from the outside in an instant. Wladimir seemed unprepared for Sanders got close to him and landed a huge left that sent Wladimir crashing to the canvas. After the first knockdown in the 1st round, Wladimir was too hurt to recover fully and was knocked down again in the round. In the next round, Sanders finished off a bleeding Wladimir early in the round.

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► Meeting points

– El Maadi
– El Zamalek
– El Mokkattam
– Nasr city
– Tagamou khames
– 6 October
– Masr El Gedida

More details will be defined soon

► Program Schedule :

– Transportation 2014
– Breakfast ( فطير , جبنة , عسل )
– Explore The Water falls Of Wadi El Rayan
– Waterfall adventure
– A boat trip around the – Sand Sports : ( Sand Football – Sand Volleyball – American Football – Racket )
– Barbecue lunch ( Grilled Chicken – Rice – Kofta – Salads – potatoes )
– colour and water fight
– El Modwara mountain Hiking
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– soft drinks & Mineral water
– Campfire at night
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– Para-sailing : 75 LE
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– Snacks
– National ID card
– jackets
– Cap
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