The black said to the father, leave him and leave him

The black said to the father, leave him and leave him

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3⃣⚠ Do not repeat the dress ⚠
4⃣ Modify the dress until the time is up ⌛
5⃣ Enter the picture with the dressing up.

Make up the afternoon. 3. HAI BEN LOVES HAPPY – HANOI
Contact me through FB, I will rep soon when there
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I did not know that happiness hurts, I feel like a dagger dipped in honey,
that blows with flashes of sunshine,
and then leave only

I did not think you had so many beautiful, delicate thoughts for me, which surrounds me like a butterfly swarm, and from your eyes that your love is dripping… < br>
I did not hope to sleep with my mind,
and the whisper name to please me,
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