The butter and vanilla flavors really come out

The butter and vanilla flavors really come out

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Cheap Prada Bags (CBC)The clubhouse, which housed a pro shop, a dining room, event facilities Cheap Prada, and storage for the club, also contained memorabilia lost in the fire.”We’ve hosted national events, the Canadian amateur back in 2005 Prada Outle, the Wayne Gretzky Invitational in 2001, numerous provincial events, not to mention our club championships and in house events,” Tobin said.Mike Weir helps outThe club recently received a donation from Canadian pro golfer Mike Weir, who Tobin said loves Cape Breton.”As you walked into the [old] clubhouse we had a Mike Weir bag on display Cheap Prada Bags,” he said. “It was probably one of the focal points of the clubhouse, and Taylor Made Golf reached out to Mike and he signed a new bag and sent it down.”General manager Eric Tobin poses with a signed golf bag donated by Mike Weir. (CBC)The leather staff bag is similar to what Weir carries on the PGA Tour except it’s signed: “Bell Bay, all the best! Mike Weir.”Tobin said they have also received support from other Cape Breton golf courses and the Baddeck community Cheap Prada Bags.