The chewy green floral part reminded me of the same in Delrae

The chewy green floral part reminded me of the same in Delrae

The festival lasts March 7 17. There are over 50 dancers and singers who came to Orlando just for the party. I’m not codding ya.

I have no idea what this is, but it makes me want to go eat some fried food, lol. But after that dissipated, I got this wonderfully well blended white flowers fragrance. The chewy green floral part reminded me of the same in Delrae Amoureuse, although they are entirely different fragrances.

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I will agree with the statement that this fragrance you should not sniff from the skin. Usually when we try or buy a new stuff we tend to smell spots where we applied fragrance trying to evaluate it. This is not the best way to appreciate floral fragrances like Twilly.