The couple met on a boat from Norway

The couple met on a boat from Norway

2011;45(7): 576 582. AbstractHorsley, T., Hyde, C. cheap oakleys, Santesso, N., Parkes, J., Milne, R., Stewart, R. Teaching critical appraisal skills in healthcare settings. Everett, Margaret Wiggum grew up the daughter of Norwegian immigrants Matt and Ingeborg Wiggum. The couple met on a boat from Norway, and settled in Everett the paper mill like money, according to the obituary.Lisa Labovitch, a history specialist at the Everett Public Library, found in Everett Polk City Directories that Margaret father worked for the Soundview Pulp Co., on the site of the now demolished Kimberly Clark Corp.The Everett family lived in a tidy Craftsman style house at 2305 Grand Ave. Margaret Wiggum is pictured in Everett High School 1937 Nesika yearbook.

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