The event will take place downtown on Main Street

The event will take place downtown on Main Street

The donations poured in and quickly filled a 26 foot U Haul truck, which sat behind The Unforgotten Haven building in Blackwood from Aug. 24 31. The truck was driven to CMI in Cherry Hill, where volunteers worked to unload it. Items were put in boxes, packed up again and taken to Standard Warehouse in Pennsauken for temporary storage for several days before being loaded onto a tractor trailer from Spartan Worldwide Logistics in Maple Shade.

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Fake Handbags Zeeland will be hosting its very first Main Street Trick or Treat this Halloween, October 31st from 3:30pm to 5:30pm, rain or shine Replica Handbags.The event will take place downtown on Main Street, beginning at Heritage Square (corner of Main Elm Streets) where children ages 13 and under can pick up a Feel the Zeel bag to hold all of their treats.They can also help themselves to a donut, thanks for, and a cup of cider in a Feel the Zeel mug to wash it all down. will be taking complimentary professional photos of the children dressed in costumes to remember the event by, thanks to a sponsorship by .Once you have loaded up in Heritage square you are set to start down Main Street. More than 40 downtown businesses and organizations are participating in the event so look out for the Main Street Trick or Treat sign in their window to stop in to get your treat. You will find some shop keepers dressed in costumes too! Fake Handbags

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Senior Alert

Meet Brutus ✨

Brutus with his adorable ears, is a very happy old Brutus was adopted from the shelter after being surrendered many years ago, than that family just recently surrendered him on 4/
This dog is available for adoption at the Lancaster Animal Male
10 years old
SH Chihuahua Mix

Lancaster Animal Care Center
5210 W Ave I, Lancaster, CA 93536
Phone, (661) 940-4191

Please visit the Lancaster shelter in person for adoption, or call for

#A3625460 #adopt #lancastershelter

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