The life of a public servant in a city like Mumbai is not easy

The life of a public servant in a city like Mumbai is not easy

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high quality replica handbags This is a post I am so relieved to be writing (it would have broken my heart if it went the other way after all you have done for her). Be prepared – it is a long one!

I was planning on updating Rosie’s story-so-far over xmas holidays as she arrived in Dundee on the 4th of
By the time I got back to their home, she had ran away into the woods and
On the first night, it was
The place I got dropped off at also turned out to be the place we ended up camping out in for 4-5
And then I got the call that I was fearing – “she’s been hit by a car” – and it was
This where cold dread hit me, realising that it was so cold, I couldn’t do
For 8 days, I searched, I walked the streets with my friend Jonah who came from Dundee with their grey on the 2nd day (they were there the day Rosie arrived & had formed a bond with her), and I set up a facebook group (ending up with nearly 600 people, supporting a person they’ve never met, find a dog they’ve never met) and people were hanging on my twitter for
We had the trap set in the same place for 4
One night we got so close to her that she was within 3 feet of us, but there was no way we could calm her to catch her – I know this now after spending an hour with her (while in the trap) feeding her sardines with my bare hands getting her to trust
With the trap in place and being manned whenever it was set, it was disappointing that we had no sightings for two and a half
This was during Hogmanay and New Years Day and likely that Rosie went to ground and took shelter due to the fireworks and the busy walking
We realised that, with no fresh sightings of her across the Doon anymore, the stark reality was that she’d likely moved on – but we didn’t know where
We continued through with the plan and re-set the trap, however, after another failed camp out (we nearly caught a fox, foxes are fab btw), I went to bed at 4am and was woken by a text saying she’d be seen in a garden off on the other sideof the
Twenty minutes later, she was spotted down near a busy hotel – so we headed there with our greyhounds to try and get eyes on her (to check it was her and see how she was and hopefully let her scent the
At this point, we thought it would be good to get a team of volunteers to help us be eyes in this area because there was no way that 2 people (and their dugs) could cover it
Very quickly, we had a facebook chat group of dozens of people that throughout that afternoon self-organised walks around the same 4-5 streets to try and catch sight of
People still kept patrolling the streets but with no more sightings, at 8pm, Lee (from Harvey’s Army Scotland) made the call that we should move the
By 9pm we had the trap
Ten minutes after my friend left, I got a call to say Rosie had been
I can’t quite believe it, after 4 days of nothing, we caught her within an hour of putting the trap
If we hadn’t been so public on social media, the couple who found her wouldn’t have found out but not because they were on social media (they weren’t) but they asked a passerby who HAD seen it on social media and then they found my number in the local
It was also about being able to, through working with the various rescues, understanding that a lost dog’s behaviour is very different to how they’d normally
Finally, it has to be able to build up a clear set of communications and network of people that can mobilise and trust, even though none of us knows each
I am now delighted to be able to have been able to bring Rosie back to our flat, she’s completely relaxed (after having all the ticks pulled out of her, bathed in aloa vera & full check up at the vet) – she’s underweight but spritey, but the vet says bar some rough paws from walking and running for 8 days, she has a clean bill of
Now, some photos from the last few days since we got her (including a front page/page 3 article in our local paper – she had a photographer waiting at my door for her arrival back in Dundee). I took her a walk today and we kept getting stopped to ask if it was high quality replica handbags.