The people of Britain thought for some reason

The people of Britain thought for some reason

The people of Britain thought for some reason that the King of Spain had recently decided to grant their British BFFs permanent unlimited use of their trading ports, which turned out to be a slight exaggeration. What the King actually said was that the South Sea Company could send over a single ship and then get the hell out. This wasn’t secret information, but the masses chose to believe the ridiculous rumor over the documented truth, because it just made so much more sense that Spain would let them have all of the gold they wanted, for free.

indoor led display Different from the car from VW which we saw in Tokyo (or maybe just painted a different color . We were tired!), Volkswagen’s “Space Up!” captured the attention of the media at the show, especially those of So Cal origin, who fondly remember the Volkswagen Bus of the ’70s, the one which always blew their engines, underpowered little boxer style 4 bangers which leaked oil like a sieve. But my 1971 model provided many happy memories! Will VW ever build anything resembling this Van a Gon throwback? Don’t bet it, at least it will not be sold anytime soon in the US.. indoor led display

led display This started out as a belated attempt to respond to D, who mentioned Good Omens slash. I was going to say that the only Good Omens slash story I knew of was torch 8k vignette And When He Falls, which captures the novel voice to letter perfection (oh, and it queers the canon, but with certain fanfics that a secondary consideration). Then I did a search and found that whaddya know people do actually write Neil Gaiman slash. led display

4k led display All events occur through Jan. 2. For more information, call 236 3640 or (888) 652 4386.. Dell is a company that leads the industry in customer computers. In an article written by Darryl Taft (2007), Michael Dell stated, “Dell was going to be a carbon neutral operation by the end of 2008. However, according to Cheng and Domingo (2008), Dell’s tower model the OptiPlex 755 was rated the least energy efficient while idly running.. 4k led display

outdoor led display Brussels bombings, March 22, 2016Her first response came through a statement released by her campaign. It said: “Terrorists have once again struck at the heart of Europe, but their campaign of hate and fear will not succeed. The people of Brussels, of Europe, and of the world will not be intimidated by 4k led display these vicious killers. outdoor led display

hd led display “I followed the Apollo missions and watched them on TV. I reveled in the newness of the technology,” she said. “With the changing nature of science and technology now, we need to attract young people. Personally find the doctrine of white supremacy abhorrent and denounce all forms of racism and hate. Law, the school must pay for the additional costs of security. Given the heightened concerns, the school is providing extra security that exceeds $600,000,Fuchs said.. hd led display

Mini Led Display In order to baffle his captors so as to reduce the severe torture that they inflicted on him and afford a chance of survival, Lieutenant Colonel Swindle shrewdly fabricated false and plausible details and led them to believe that they were receiving the factual information they were trying desperately and viciously to compel him to disclose. Alone, unaided, and suffering agonizing pain and pressure, he steadfastly resisted the attempts of his captors to secure valuable information regarding his fellow prisoners. By his courage, imagination, and resistance in the face of unbearable agony, Lieutenant Colonel Swindle upheld the highest traditions of the Marine Corps, the Naval Service, and the United States Armed Service.”. Mini Led Display

led screen The driver’s uncle, Sadok Bouhlel, told The Associated Press that given Bouhlel’s family problems he was estranged from his wife and three children the Algerian “found in Mohamed an easy prey.” Bouhlel’s rapid radicalization has puzzled investigators. Friends and family said he had not been an observant Muslim in the past. Sadok Bouhlel spoke in the driver’s hometown of Msaken, Tunisia. led screen

led billboard C The point of a cyber attack is that they don know for sure where it came from, or at least can prove it. Telegraphing it to our media defeats that purpose, and likely provokes increased formal agression. Remember the huge facepalm that everyone did when it became public knowledge that we were overloading several Iranian nuclear centrifuges led billboard.