The retail giant will knock fuel prices by four pence across

The retail giant will knock fuel prices by four pence across

Asda cuts petrol prices below 1 for a three day spree, despite saying it would not partake in Black Friday discounts Petrol prices look to dip below 1 for the first time in six years as Asda joins the discount spirit of Black Friday by slashing its fuel prices. The retail giant will knock fuel prices by four pence across its 277 forecourts, with drivers expected to pay around 99.7 pence for a litre of unleaded and 103.7ppl for diesel.The discount spree is to last until Monday, when fuel prices will level back above the 1 mark. Petrol prices will be 103.7 ppl and diesel is to be priced at 106.7 after the weekend.The supermarket chain earlier said it would not partake in Black Friday, but has cut prices anyway.Black Friday isn’t the only incentive for forecourts to cut their prices as oil continues to trade below $50 per barrel, and the fuel duty remains frozen under the Chancellor’s latest budget.The only time this year anyone was able to buy a litre of petrol below 1 was when a Harvest Energy fuel station in Birmingham priced unleaded at 99.7ppl for a short period.UK motoring experts are hinting that motorists are likely to see more fuel stations slash prices.

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