The villain with the extra limb will find neat uses for it

The villain with the extra limb will find neat uses for it

Unfortunately, those hopes were never realized. By the year 2012, DreamWorks ended up getting dissatisfied with the Disney deal, as shortly after the agreement Disney began putting more focus on distributing content from its newest acquisitions (Marvel Comics and Star Wars), and rarely promoted films from DreamWorksnote This could also have been affected by the departure of then studio head Dick Cook, who was the architect of the DreamWorks deal, in September 2009 and his subsequent replacement by Rich Ross. In addition, DreamWorks had financial issues with underperforming releases (such as I Am Number Four, Cowboys Aliens, Fright Night and The Fifth Estate) and exhausted financing lines, and not only did they have to seek co productions and international distribution sales with others like 20th Century Fox (which would distribute Lincoln and Bridge of Spies internationally) to generate funds, but they were never able to deliver the full 30 film slate initially contracted for distribution by Disney. The situation culminated in 2015, when DreamWorks had a falling out with Disney executives and the studios decided against renewing their distribution pact (both sides claimed they parted “amiably”).

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