The war department identified him as the Bataan commander

The war department identified him as the Bataan commander

So we went out and forged our own territory because there was really no place for us. Chances were that we never make it, but we thought at least we would fail doing something we love. That spirit has always been the spirit that changed the temperature of the water.

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replica Purse He and his wife at the point of inspection

see what the pair did in this position at the point of inspection

when he was in the car with his wife and his children

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rumored that day

There was a man traveling on a trip with his wife and children

On the way, met his standing in the way people asked

of you?

money I said, the man asked his wife and children do you let it ride with us?

they said yes, of course, all

Fbalmal we can do anything that we have any Something we want

Vrkb with them money

and the car went up to meet someone else

Father asked: Who are you?

said, I am the power and position

Best replica handbags the father asked his wife and children do you let it ride with us?

They answered all of one voice, yes, of course

Fbalsulth position and we can do any Something

and that we have a What we want

The car and the completion of the journey
> so many people Negotiable with all the desires and worldly pleasures and pleasures

even met someone asked him the father of you?

I said religion

said the father, wife and children in one voice
< br> This is not his time

We want the world and its benefits

Religion will deprive us and it will bind us

and we will strive to abide by its teachings

and halal and haram and prayer and hijab and fasting >
,, and and so we will make its

but it is possible to go back to you after we enjoy this world and the

Fterkoh walked the car completes its journey

—– ————
And suddenly they found the way Checkpoint and Stand

and find a man indicating the father to come down and leave the car

The man said to the father The journey is over for you

In a daze and did not utter

The man said to him, I am not looking for
Do you have religion?

Father said no

I left him a little distance, let me return and came to him >
The man said to him that you can not do this, the journey is over and the return is impossible

The father said but with me in the car



The man said to him that they will not sing you from God something

And leave all this and was to benefit you but my father

The man said I am the death I was unaware of him and did not work for him

The father looked for the car and found his wife driving the car instead < The car began to move to complete the journey in which the children and money and power did not come down with him
Say: If your fathers and your children and your brothers and your spouses and your family and money you have done and trade fear recession And houses you want to love you from Allah and His Messenger and Jihad in his way Vtrbsoa until God comes by His command and God does not guide the people who are wronged

And God said:

All the soul of the death, but to cut your wages on the Day of Resurrection The fire and enter the Paradise has won and the life of this world, but the pleasure of vanity


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