Then they were bolstered by the mountain of support that poured

Then they were bolstered by the mountain of support that poured

officers in deadly chico shooting

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Designer Replica Handbags 19 at noon.It a huge step, evacuees say, in moving forward.But for those whose neighborhoods are still off limits, the wait continues.”I going in on my own. They can arrest me, I don care,” exasperated resident Brian Breeden told KTVU at the Calistoga Fairgrounds, still waiting for word on when Hidden Valley Lake would reopen.”There no damage, power lines are up, everything is fine,” declared Breeden Fake Designer Bags Fake Bags, showing KTVU video of his street Replica Bags, where flames threatened but did not consume his house.”It too much: buying clothes, sleeping in a barn, a sleeping bag. I done with it; I going home!” said Breeden.Steps away, mental health counselors say they are hearing rising frustration among evacuees who need to restore some sort of normalcy in their lives.”That a normal process they going through, ” explained counselor Stephen Rios, “and I would be angry too, frustrated, feeling I tired, I cold, all those things.”Rios was helping lead a support group for evacuees to talk about their trauma.In the early days after the fire, people started out stunned, even euphoric, they survived, and bonded by the experience.Then they were bolstered by the mountain of support that poured in for them.But as attention fades, Rios says it will be important that outreach doesn here on out, we got to continue to support them, we can go away,” he insisted.Across from the support group, children busied themselves on the floor with a variety of donated toys.”Even though he only three, he still talks about it, how he lost his house, and all of his toys are gone,” observed mom Elizabeth Shehla, watching over her son Mikey.Mikey saw his Cobb house starting to burn as his family drove away.But in the shelter, he happy in the moment.Wearing new sneakers and enjoying new toys, he knows his little brother, mom and dad are nearby.”As long as we are happy around him, they help us stay happy,” Swehla told KTVU Designer Replica Handbags.