There were 49 seventh graders that year

There were 49 seventh graders that year

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Dear Mel – even though it has been many years since your mother passed away, nothing i can say or do can remove the pain and anguish
When death comes all is taken, only the truth and love is left behind, for the truth and love are
The memories of the places you have been, the sound of her voice, the sound of her footsteps, the whisper of her scent, the light in her smile, the softness of her hand in your hand, the way she kissed your soul will be part of you
When a loved one passes, they take the most precious part of us with
The ache that remains,
enflames our heart
and rinses out of our eyes,
the gut wrenching pain
reminds us of the truth
that will never fade,
the love that will never
tom wilde
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Designer Replica Bags Stray? Call Animal Control Phone:(217) 384-3798

Hurt? Call Animal Control Phone:(217) 384-3798

Not moving? Call Animal Control Phone:(217) 384-3798

That is the first thing we do to help an
The vet at County or U of I will perform health check and diagnosis and emergency
If Animal Control not open, U of I Small Emergency Clinic 1008 W Hazelwood Dr Urbana will take all hurt or stray
Reprinted from an email chain with Mercena Johnson, without
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