They looked to be remnants from the sort of medieval world I’d

They looked to be remnants from the sort of medieval world I’d

Heading over Lookout Pass I studied ranch buildings in the valley below, at the edges of timber. They looked to be remnants from the sort of medieval world I’d grown up in during the slower and simpler days before World War II when country people I knew revered good horses and killed their beef at home and gathered wild greens for the table from roadsides in summer. The northern Rockies seemed like an undiscovered land, thick with secrets no one could bother to keep. A woman I know told me about growing up in a shack on the flats west of Missoula alongside the Clark Fork River, and the way her people had dynamited fish in the fall. They’d gather the killed and floating trout and suckers from a rowboat with nets, and their family would live through the winter off fish canned in glass jars. She told me this to emphasize that she was a native, and that my catch and release fly fishing world could go piss up a rope so far as she was concerned, and why she wasn’t thrilled when upscale Missoula restaurants began featuring fresh salmon flown in from Seattle and Alaska. She’d eaten enough fish for a lifetime. It was an honest way of speaking by a woman who valued her origins.

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