this “emotional autobiography” is also the archetypal Eighties

this “emotional autobiography” is also the archetypal Eighties

In some ways, this “emotional autobiography” is also the archetypal Eighties story: “I don’t wanna stop until I reach the top,” proclaims the artist in “Baby I’m a Star.” But what’s rarer about The Kid is his eventual desire to give up control or at least the appearance of it by playing “Purple Rain,” a song co written by his Revolution bandmates Wendy (Wendy Melvoin) and Lisa (Lisa Coleman). So now what Time is it? That Morris and Co.’s high steppin’ jungle love jams are characterized in the film, obliquely and otherwise, as “black” makes the essence of Prince’s spiritual crossover learning to consider others, but white women in particular that much more plain. “I only wanted 2 see u laughing in the purple rain,” sings The Kid, his wish fulfilled by approving gazes from clubgoers of all colors..

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