This team becomes your greatest cheerleaders

This team becomes your greatest cheerleaders

If you are a vegetarian you are going to enjoy the variety and consistently good tasting veggie fare of India, as most of the country also enjoys a vegetarian diet. Dal, a lentil stew eaten with rice and naan bread, and dosa, a pancake filled with cheese or spicy vegetables will be among your choices. And don’t forget a daily cup of chai, a popular hot drink that is both spicy and flavourful and enjoyed in place of coffee or black tea..

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Vernon, IL. John’s Lutheran Church in New Berlin for 64 years. She was a member of the Mary Martha Guild. “As Don Diego, I pretend to be afraid. But with a mask as my disguise, I ride into the night, and raise my sword in the name of justice! For I am. Zorro!”.

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