To be used as a monkey, acts of the king

To be used as a monkey, acts of the king


1st time to sell here at
Selling my Nike Mamba
Color: Team Red
Size: Used: Twice – 1 time pang alis and 1 time pang laro (wooden court)
Condition: 9/10
Issue: None
Comes with: Original Box and Original Receipt from Toby’s Greenhills
Reason for selling: Content now with my Adidas Harden Meetups: Glorietta or MetroPoint Mall only
Price: P3,500
This is just for sale, not for
Thank you and God Bless 5KC.

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Elephant is the largest land animal in the world. Fertility and breastfeeding It also has a long life. For Thailand, we are. Elephants are priceless creatures and are present in Thai history. The animals are important to the Thai king in ancient times. At the time of the battle, the elephant will stand on the elephant to fight with the enemy and will use the sacred character that meets the textbook. To be used as a monkey, acts of the king. For the benefit of using it. Thai people, we use elephants to benefit many. From the auspicious ceremony to agriculture. From the monarchy to the common people, it is considered that Thai people are quite attached to elephants and inherited such a long time ago.

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