Vitamin is absorbed into the skin while treating acne

Vitamin is absorbed into the skin while treating acne

Of course, it’s better for brand image if an accessory’s namesake is not disavowing said accessory, including any permutation of that accessory. And brand image when it comes to luxury is a big deal. But that’s a cosmetic issue, and not one that can actually change the product offering (at least unless Herms wants to).

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Jasmine Musk opens with a clean and artificial smelling “banana” note a mingling of jasmine and ylang ylang I assume (or maybe it’s just an aroma chemical that ‘reads’ “jasmine” by means of “banana”); the ‘jasmine’ is sweet, dusted with vanilla sugar. As the fragrance dries, the jasmine becomes a tad citrusy and if you put your nose to skin you’ll smell, briefly, a hint of musk. This fragrance is on the light side, with minimal sillage and so so lasting power.

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