We are incredibly grateful to Celine Dion and Gary Loveman

We are incredibly grateful to Celine Dion and Gary Loveman

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celine handbags They range in age from 13 to 19.With the help of Kevin Cole, a local businessman; Margaret Alfonso, an English teacher at Gateway; and Claude Cagniart, an exchange coordinator in France; the program has gotten off the ground.”It’s a true cultural, social experience,” said Cole. The idea of exchanging students has always been popular and is becoming more so in Osceola County, he said.Gateway students are housing the visitors in their homes until Saturday, when they return to France.Alfonso, who also works with the American Field Service, an international exchange program, said students generally get excited about the possibility of exploring a new culture.Celine, a first year college student, said American students have more leisure time than their French counterparts.”You don’t have time for those activities when you are a student in France,” she said, pronouncing each word slowly and correctly. She said French students are expected to come directly home and start their lessons celine handbags.