We going to get consumer legalization right, as well

We going to get consumer legalization right, as well

when and what can my unborn baby hear

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I was 5 when this came out, and I loved it from the start. I bought all the merch, from shirts to the videos to Kull The Conquerer just because Kevin Sorbo was in it. He was my hero when I was younger, and I really miss this show with a passion.

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I hope to read this article to the last line

The article as I said:
Jewish said: I am a Jew and I am proud!
Judgment today to us
… Glory to you, O Arabs and Muslims > You have seen what we did to you with subtlety:

We walked in your streets, we did not like your situation

> br> You have become a mortgage on our stock
We will let you know how we want and when we want!

We have exported to you our clothes – Look at all your markets Clothing reveals your nakedness
And wonderful that all of you have a receptor

< You do not know that this is one of the qualities of the people of the first Lot The Jews stole our land, and violated our offer
Where are you?

In the streets of your daughters reflections
Ironically, your situation became a rock

We did not like your academic excellence
We provided you with boring curricula > We filled your TV with deceptive programs

You become not thinking anything important – and do not need to say what is taking your thinking
Stay silent

We posted a culture of Sahabism between your daughters and your youth
After If you were the cleanest of a nation, you became a poor man today!

We found that your language is the most beautiful language, and you read the Koran – We told you that your language (backward) and believe immediately – and you boast in false languages > Your governments have become cut The atmosphere of science

Science and Technology Science and Technology We did not like the unity of the word
We blew up a mosque for the Shiites, and we said the dawn of the year

We destroyed a mosque for the year, and we said the dawn of the Shiites – We left you until the war broke out between you

We like to unite on the love of Palestine
We told Fatah: Hamas wants to take power from you

We told Fatah: Hamas is preparing to eliminate you
And then killed: Members of Fatah and said we are Hamas

We destroyed a university of Hamas and we said: Fatah passed from here A Jew with an American frame and proud

O Lord reach the largest number of Muslims
Lestfikoa of their slumber Replica Designer Handbags.