“We need a railway which is sustainable in all senses of the

“We need a railway which is sustainable in all senses of the

“It would be no exaggeration to say that the railways of this country are crucial to its economic future. Without them our economy would grind to a halt.”Our railways need to adapt and change in order to be able to cope with the growth that they have already experienced and that which lies ahead.”We need a railway which is sustainable in all senses of the word.”And that means a series of changes to deliver the best possible passenger experience for the future.”It means a change to the way the industry works in order to make sure it can meet the needs of passengers.”Last month the Chancellor confirmed funding worth 110m for the line in the Autumn Statement.I have been reading about Chris Grayling. He claimed expenses for a flat he never lived in Fake Designer Bags, slashed legal aid so deeply that defendants could not find lawyers and wanted to ban prisoners from reading books.

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