“We’ve been doing these in store shows

“We’ve been doing these in store shows

Fifty five participants took part in the event, organized by Dani Forko, program director of the Y’s Therapeutic Support Services. The girls engaged in a Zumba class, a Yoga class, and a team building exercise. The exercise components were followed by a healthy lunch as well as smoothies made by a group of girls who are participants in the Y’s mentoring program.

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It is merely an observation of history, be it myth or truth. All beliefs are sacred and are to be respected. Please be respectful of each other when discussing topics such as these.

After starting the season 0 4, then 1 5, South Windsor has gone 2 1 2 in its past five and survived three straight overtime games. The Bobcats defeated East Catholic Manchester 4 3 on Saturday after picking up ties the past two weeks in OT against West Haven and Simsbury. South Windsor is currently 3 6 2.

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