What use is a round bag, after all? Well, you can put things

What use is a round bag, after all? Well, you can put things

In addition, DNA in these particles was well protected from the surrounding medium, as determined from low Picogreen intercalating dye binding (Figure 2b), therefore, we assume that DNA resides within the particle core.Figure 1.Freeze fracture electron micrographs (FFEM) of Genospheres. Genosphere samples were analyzed by FFEM before (a) and after (b) purification on a sucrose gradient. Sample aliquots (200 l) of Genospheres or HBS Hermes Replica, pH 6.5 buffer (control) were carefully applied to the top of a 0 (w/w) sucrose gradient and the tubes ultra centrifuged at 192 000 g for 10 h at 22 (Ultracentrifuge L8 70M replicahermes.net, Beckman) using an SW50.1 rotor.

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