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The Lubavitch philosophy does indeed herald the coming of the Third Temple. Although it can be easily misinterpreted, violence is not the way the Lubavitch have envisioned its construction. Far from embodying a confrontationist attitude, it is taught that the third Temple will materialize when, as a people, the Jews have attained a high enough level of spiritual purity.

Recently, LaPrees led a group of five hikers up the trail for a Trek and Dine excursion. The Trek and Dine features a hot meal prepared at the destination on a small propane cooker. It is 36 degrees outdoors. Still Montparnasse’s favorite meeting place for artists, models and tourists and the haunt of young Americans since its opening in 1927. For years Jean Paul Sarte and Simone de Beauvoir came every afternoon. But they made a point never to come in the evening hours reserved for the bourgeoisie.

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