Yet you aware that in one particular situation

Yet you aware that in one particular situation

Final Event

2 Finalists Invited The victory in the winner this time.

Close the event I’m fabulous
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✨ Moo Congratulations to the star who achieved the first series:
– store the strawberry
– Jack the Fruit – 08:44 01/09 – Jack the Fruit – Jack the Fruit – 09:13 01/09 – Oil painter – Yuu Yukkie – 08:46 01 / 09 – 01/11 – Yuu Yukkie – 07:49 01/09 – The Butterfly Dance – Student President – Yuu Yukkie – 07:49 01/09 – The Butterfly Dance Jack Fruit – 07:47 01/09

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Top Game

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This round is qualifying to the first round
qualifying round. Only one win. Fluency

What is the process in your head between a sentence in English?

Think about what you are going to say in English from scratch (1), then translated into English (2), then later (now) / the future turns into (3) the end?


time required

– English / English dictionary NOTE – Using English / English dictionary – The advantage of this site is that the word ” br> – A Similar Vocabulary Dictionary – If you want to memorize words from Mongolian to English

and creative thinking

– Listening to the song
Most Popular Pop Songs

Bo to watch cartoon movies

Give it away with your interests and hobbies

Comics Read

you can learn more about the latest technology and scientific language from research and reports

– The ability to use these methods as well – (Update) When I read a chapter I wrote what I understood or remembered on the notebook. – (Update) The story of watching a cartoon Repeat it (use the subtitle if necessary). But the most exciting thing to do –

“There is no way that you can not.”

Г respect the cow,

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