Your brother Ammar al-Samarrai

Your brother Ammar al-Samarrai

The meaning of the agent is His Majesty. He is the one who takes care of the affairs of his slaves, and he does not waste them or leave them except for jealousy (and he who trusts in Allah is His Companion). He can not be lost.

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The jobless rate at a 16 year low. A record 6 million open jobs. Weekly jobless claims below 300,000 for the longest stretch since the 1970s.

Rana Lee Berman had been away from home for a long, long time. And, really, no one would have been surprised if she turned up dead beaten to death, smashed behind the wheel of an automobile, or simply overdosed. It would have been so easy.

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Your brother Ammar al-Samarrai
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And yes, you are in the midst of a challenging process, but, with the kind of help the sky is offering, you are sure to get from here to where you want to be with a high degree of certainty. Any doubts you may be harbouring won’t last much longer. You need to relax.

Life lovers ” illuminated ” the right choices! Which way to get over! Compass!
The south could be lying, but inside it I thought… It was hope! I bought everything!

The Loneliness and the life of the Aegean the whitewhite… My serene gaze!
Greece! My sun.