Your companion with your husband will sing the fruits of the

Your companion with your husband will sing the fruits of the

If you wait for this promise of time and plotting to him… And attached to him and do not increase his weight…. Your companion with your husband will sing the fruits of the world before the Hereafter, but do not rush the cut…

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The book advocates a metamorphosis of fear, which may restore in the subject an awareness of vulnerability and become the precondition for moral action. Such awareness and the recognition of the condition of contamination caused by the other’s unavoidable presence teach us to fear for rather than be afraid of. Fear for the world means care of the world, and care, understood as concern and solicitude, is a new notion of responsibility, in which the stress is shifted to a relational subject capable of responding to and taking care of the other.

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Not here to say goodbye. I here to say thank you. This guy had a great life, and I happy to have known him.