Your next beer may taste like a cocktail

Your next beer may taste like a cocktail

The aroma of saffron and wheat buns, fresh from the oven, hangs in the air. Outside, pomologist Joseph Rowe is handing out cups of what looks like traditional Swedish glgg, also known as mulled wine in other parts of Europe. But this is palla, made with apple juice and spices such as pepper and cinnamon.

I don see how rail will improve the commute to and from West Oahu when A. There is no point to point trains; you cannot go from Makakilo to Downtown without stopping every mile. B. MUSGRAVES: (Singing) I’m going to wrap my presents up in red bandanas and leave some special cookies out for Santa. Throw my troubles to the wind till we’re back on the road again. Here’s to finding your own little peace on earth.

Hoppy Table Beer the first year round, hop forward beer from AllagashWhat it is: Allagash, the Portland, Maine, brewery that clued America into the genius of cloudy Canada Goose Sale, spiced Belgian style wheat beers with its namesake White, has released its first year round, hop forward beer: Hoppy Table Beer. A loosely defined Belgian style, table beer generally equates to easy drinking. Your next beer may taste like a cocktail, as craft revolution pushes onSix men sat around a table strewn with glasses, vials and beakers one Thursday afternoon last summer.

12. Why do we leave cookies for Santa Claus? The jolly old big boy looks like Luciano Pavarotti after he swallowed a kettle drum while waiting for liposuction surgery. Does he really need pastries? Isn’t that like leaving a lighter in the stocking of a crack addict? Mix in a veggie tray, folks.

As I mentioned last week, I’m very behind on Christmas this year. I’m heading to my sister’s tonight for a big Christmas Eve dinner (she’s doing the feast of the seven fishes thing despite the fact that we are not even a little bit Italian) and instead of taking a crack at my list, I’m pretty much walking in circles talking about how much I have to get done. Very productive.

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